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About Us

Holy Bagel started with a special partnership between Ari Dubin and Zev Wernick. Before founding Holy Bagel, both worked as managers of other food companies. “We had a lot of prior experience, and we knew how to direct our skills and market our product. We also knew there was a great business potential in introducing bagels to Israel”. 


In 1999 Holy Bagel opened its first store in Jerusalem, marking the beginning of its success. Subsequently, two more stores opened in downtown Jerusalem, a factory in the Talpiot industrial area, and franchises in Modi’in and Ra'anana. All our stores sell specialty bagels, which are made with the finest ingredients, using traditional baking methods. Our stores have a warm design with emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. 

Our catering operation began in the kitchen of our flagship store and by word of mouth quickly became very popular and well-known throughout Israel. 

Holy Bagel Catering

Badatz Mehadrin Rabanut Yerushalayim

Sunday - Thursday:     
08:00 - 16:00

Friday and holiday eve: 08:00 - 11:30

Saturday night: Closed
Kosher certificate

Old City

5 Tiferet Israel Street,   Jerusalem

02-628-0081, 052-299-6942

Kosher                                                    - Badatz Mehadrin Rabbi Rubin


Avnei Hachoshen 15, Modi'in

1700-50-11-10, 08-9702606

Kosher - Badatz Mehadrin Rabbinate of Modi'in.


Halamed Heh 26, Jerusalem


Kosher                                                    - Badatz Mehadrin Rabbinate of Jerusalem


Ahuza 158,                            Raanana


Kosher - Mehadrin

Ramot Mall

225 Golda Meir Boulevard, Jerusalem

1700-50-30-52, 02-5796034

Kosher - Badatz Mehadrin Rabbi Rubin


1 Krause Street, Netanya


Kosher - Badatz Mehadrin Rabbinate of Netanya

Ramat Beit Shemesh

Nahal Dolev 19, Ramat Beit Shemesh


Kosher - Badatz Mehadrin Rabbi Rubin




Holy Bagel Good morning !! I would like to thank you for your great contribution to the success of the Memorial Evening for my late mother. Thank you very much to the skilled staff members who were responsible for the event and clean up. You left a very sweet taste for next time, thank you very much! 


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for fulfilling our order last Friday. Everything arrived on time, fresh, and as we ordered. (Pastries like petit fours and mini-pizzas disappeared almost before they were put on the table!) The biggest hit was the mini-bagel that suited everyone - neither too big nor too small !! Is it possible to buy mini bagels also routinely, without a large order? And if so, where? Thanks again. The meeting was very successful and also delicious. Regards


Thank you! We had a lot of fun!! Everyone praised the delicious food, the selection, the abundance and I add that the staff who came were great! Skilled, professional, hardworking, pleasant !! They were great and ran the whole evening from start to finish really perfectly! We will meet at future events, and according to the feedback, we are sure that there will also be those from the satisfied audience who will join the circle of customers (: Thank you again and all the best!

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