Holy Bagel started with a special partnership between Ari Dubin and Zev Wernick. Before founding Holy Bagel, both worked as managers of other food companies. “We had a lot of prior experience, and we knew how to direct our skills and market our product. We also knew there was a great business potential in introducing bagels to Israel”. 


In 1999 Holy Bagel opened its first store in Jerusalem, marking the beginning of its success. Subsequently, two more stores opened in downtown Jerusalem, a factory in the Talpiot industrial area, and franchises in Modi’in and Ra'anana. All our stores sell specialty bagels, which are made with the finest ingredients, using traditional baking methods. Our stores have a warm design with emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. 

Our catering operation began in the kitchen of our flagship store and by word of mouth quickly became very popular and well-known throughout Israel. 

With the opening of a second store in the center of town, Holy Bagel opened its purpose-built factory in the Talpiot industrial area. This expansion program coincided with a difficult and unstable political situation in Israel and especially in Jerusalem, which resulted in the reduction of tourists and overall foot traffic. However, Holy Bagel managed to overcome this by expanding the catering side of its operation. Today, Holy Bagel is a thriving chain employing over 70 workers. 

Through the catering operation and retail outlets, Holy Bagel is well known amongst a wide and varied population and enjoys an excellent reputation and ardent following. Holy Bagel has a loyal customer base, who make the bagel experience part of their daily routine.


In addition to the Talpiyot Catering Factory, there are stores in the Old City and Jerusalem Central Bus Station, as well as franchises in Ramot Mall, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Modi'in, Ra'anana & Netanya.

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